Vanilla Electronics

One day, Mr.Teshima of VANILLA RECORDS told me that he wanted me to try his new handmade effector.
He send me 2 effectors and sample manual. Both of them were light but they didn't has Foot switching. So I had to use them by hand. So I thought they're not good to us "MASONNA"'cuz we always put effectors a feet and beating and stamping them. Anyway, I tried them and surprised.They're so interesting. "High" raises so high and it's impos-sible to make output 20 times. SCRAMBLER is awsome. You can make sound as"cutting up" by switchi-ng. I don't know any other effectors which has this function. Ones thought this switching is notgood very much but I should withdraw.Then I wanted to use them on our show,I put them on my belt 'cuz they're compact and light. I played wich Blixa at Muse hall,of course I was using them. Blixa and other players are very interested in our effectors in our effectors and wants to use. I believe Japanese Noise Artists louses them and we,MASONNA will use them untill we break them!

@ 12/Sep.